Mission Shaped Into Course

St Peter’s Mowbray & St John’s Parish Wynberg are running the Missions Shaped intro course together and we’d love for you to take part with us!

The course will be hosted @ St Peter’s and will run over 6 sessions on the following Saturday mornings: 9 April, 16 April, 7 May, 21 May, 4 June and 18 June from 9 – 11am. The speakers include Dave Meldrum, Annie Kirk, Ben Aldous, Arthur Stewart and Duncan Mclea.

What is the course about?
Rediscovering mission and re-imagining church. Our world and our lives change at an ever faster pace, but how does the church respond to this change? Are new ways of being church possible? If so, what might they look like? Mission Shaped Intro helps people to reconnect with the communities they are called to serve and to re-imagine the forms of church that are needed for the 21st century. It takes you on a creative and reflective journey looking at the need for new ways of being church.

The six sessions explore:
1. rediscovering mission: the mission of God as the foundation for any expression of church;
2. changing world, changing church: how the church might respond to a world of change and uncertainity;
3. re-imagining church – community: the need for fresh expressions of church to develop authentic community in a world shaped by consumerism and individualism;
4. re-imagining church – worship: how fresh expressions of church are re-imagining worship;
5. discipleship and leadership: how to enable healthy discipleship and leadership within fresh expressions of church;
6. where do we go from here?: to provide space for you to consider your response to the course and offer options to what you might do next.?

Cost is R250 for all six sessions. Further details and registration at the following link:



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